Routes Africa Star

About us

Africa Star with headquarters in Ceuta (Spain), Tetouan and Ouarzazate (Morocco) offer guided tours and raids for Navigation on the Atlas and Moroccan Sahara, for which we have 15 bikes KTM exc 450 and infrastructure to provide professional assistance in our events , brings together various professionals with an experience of over 20 years in organizing adventure travel and Raids off-road navigation.

You can also go with your own vehicle, for which we give you the ability to pick up and deliver your car and luggage.

The activities are aimed primarily enduro bikes, quads and buggies but can also participate 4x4 and trail bikes.

In addition to the events scheduled dates conducted as to all kinds of groups, budgets adapting to the specific needs of each group, from large events to small clubs to crowded routes, including adventure travel with VIP treatment. We also do custom logistics and creation or actualizaciñon of road-books for other organizations.

Route services

Africa Star 4x4 gives the following services in each expedition:

  • Hiring the vehicle transport, baggage and supplies.
  • Bookings of the flights and connections up to the place where the expedition starts.
  • Management of the documents needed at the border for vehicles and participants.
  • ParticipantŽs choice between holding a guided route or navigation raid.
  • Contracting the trip insurance. Sanitary Assistance, Repatriation and Accident Insurance with the company EL VIA MONDIAL ASISTANCE.
  • ATV's rent Can - am 800 for the event.
  • Road-book carrier installation in the handlebar and coordinates charges in you GPS.
  • Satellite searcher installation to support and locate the participants, which sends messages of urgent help.
  • Step controls, minimum 2 in every stage, with provisioning, fuel supply and mechanical assistance.
  • Vehicles which makes the same tour, with mechanical and medical assistance. They transport supplies, tools and rescue materials. If necessary, they supply your vehicle with fuel or transport it if damaged.
  • Mechanical daily review for all the vehicles.
  • Baggage transport by road straight to the hotel on every stage.
  • Professional photographers in the organization vehicles.
  • Commemorative Merchandising gift of the event.



Dirham. The current change is approximately 1€ = 11 Dh

We advise to change your money in Morocco, in the agency banks located at the airport or even at the border customs.

The average change for each participant is normally 300 to 400 euros.

Expenses on route

Every route has a concrete programme with what is included. If it does not include lunch, then you have to bring your own packed meal (non-perishable food), preferable tins for each day.

Drinks are not included at the hotel. The price of refreshment or a water bottle is about 10 to 15 Dh, and a beer could cost about 20 to 30 Dh.

We advise our participants to start a joined fund to pay the extra expenses which are not included in the package.

The aim is not to waste time paying, so that the organization can do it for you. In 9 days and 1500 km routes, about 500 dirham per participant are spent in alcoholic drinks, and as for fuel, 1500 Dh for ATV, 1300 Dh for Quad and 1000 Dh for motorcycle.

Humanitarian help

In every expedition you can deliver your clothes yourself as well as footwear or school material in the most disadvantaged areas where we get through. You can also send them to us, so that we can share them in the following expeditions.

The organization chooses one the most disadvantaged and farthest village to provide medical care, where the doctor of the organization helps the local people who needs it.


Morocco hotels are quite safe and normally no theft takes place there.

However, when getting through some villages on route, it is possible that some children try to steal you something, therefore, we recommend you that all your baggage in the vehicle, should be perfectly packed and locked.

It is also possible that someone tries to mistake you on the way you should take, asking you for a tip when he/she shows you the real one.